Who Are Sponsors of Russia’s War Against Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, May 1, 2022
Who Are Sponsors of Russia’s War Against Ukraine

European countries paid Russia more than €40 billion for 66 days of the war in Ukraine 

Poland and Bulgaria were among the first to refuse direct gas supplies from Russia. Several European countries have also spoken in favor of the gas embargo for the aggressor country. But a single decision and serious measures have not been taken. Moreover, the Center energy and clean air research have published data that not only confirms Europe’s inaction, but their work to continue the war with Russia.

According to the research, the export of fossil Russian fuels is estimated at €63 billion. Oil and gas supplies are carried out by sea and pipelines. Such data related to the last 2 months — the time since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The saddest thing for Ukrainians is that the European Union is the majority buyer of Russia’s gas. Of the €63 billion in gas sales, €44 billion is accounted for by the European Union. This is 71% of the total.

The largest importers of Russian fuel during the war became:

  • Germany — €9.1 billion;
  • Italy — €6.9 billion;
  • China — 6.7 billion;
  • The Netherlands — €5.9 billion;
  • Turkey — €4.1 billion;
  • France — €3.8 billion.

Germany also supplied Russian gas to Poland. 

Let us recall that the European Council declares that all the leaders of the countries are not ready to renounce the gas of the aggressor country. But, while Europe is looking for ways to become independent of Russia’s fuel, it continues to fund assassinations. 

Of the positive developments in the field of energy independence:

  1. Europe reduced Russian coal supplies by 40%;
  2. European countries reduced Russian oil imports by 20%.

However, the most valuable thing of the occupier country is gas. And its purchases have increased by 20%. This allows Russia to continue the war, threaten any country in the world and continue building weapons, and nuclear bombs.

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