Who Are the “Investment Nannies”

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, November 25, 2021
Who Are the “Investment Nannies”

Today in Ukraine more than 23 investors use the "invest-nannies" service

Who are the representatives of investment nannies in Ukraine?

The prime minister stated that UkraineInvest is a crucial investment nanny in Ukraine. This organization employs 9 young people with 2-3 languages and, as a rule, Western education.

How many investors turned up to their services

More than 23 investors have applied to UkraineInvest and want to take advantage of this law.

"The total amount of investments they plan to invest in Ukraine is over $2 billion. These companies have passed all inspection procedures, fully comply with the parameters of the law" Large investments "are ready to work," the prime minister said.

He also added that some of these investors are ready to invest funds starting this year and continue in the next.

According to the implementation plan, it is necessary to attract foreign business representatives to the Ukrainian economy. The state will also exempt investors from taxes and duties on imported equipment for 5 years. According to the law's authors, this guarantees tax benefits, a ten-year perspective, and a guarantee of stability for each specific project.

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