Who to Close the Sky Over Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, September 26, 2022
Who to Close the Sky Over Ukraine

More worldwide defence companies will hand over protection systems against drones to the Ukrainian Armed Forces

The Times Israel reports that one of the companies has decided to provide military assistance to the country that was attacked by Russia. They will partially "close" the sky over the Ukrainians. In the article, we are talking about anti-drones, which will be able to neutralize Russian strikes. Israeli drones will oppose Iranian drones. It should be noted that the Russian occupiers increasingly use this type of weapon to attack cities that they cannot reach. So on September 25, the Russians struck drones Shahed-136 on the objects of the Ukrainian armed forces in Odesa. The general staff of the armed forces of Ukraine confirmed the fact of an attack using Iranian drones-kamikaze. The department said they attacked the administrative building. Iranian drone strikes are very successful because of their small size and low flight.

Israeli anti-drones will be able to repel such attacks and replace air defence. Drones intercept attacks in the air. It is noteworthy that Israeli weapons do not explode a captured aircraft but move it to a safe zone and land there.

It is already known that the supply of modern air defence from Israel will take place through the Polish state. Now the preparation of all the necessary documents and devices.

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