Who Will Receive Ukrainian Wheat And Corn Next?

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, August 12, 2022
 Who Will Receive Ukrainian Wheat And Corn Next?

2 vessels carrying Ukrainian grain floated in the framework of the "green corridor" toward Turkey

The Ministry of national defence of Turkey reported that the agreement between Ukraine and Russia on grain exports continues to work. According to a statement that the ministry made on Twitter, two more ships came out of Ukrainian ports.

It is reported that 1 vessel is heading to Turkey. Tekirdag city is waiting for the export of Ukrainian wheat. It is reported that the ship Sormovsky carries 3.500 tons under the flag of Belize.

Another ship, Star Laura, has 60.000 tons of maize onboard. Now it is in the Black Sea after it came out of the port of the Odesa region. Final station for goods from Ukraine — Iran. It should be noted that the second ship in the framework of the "green corridor" is not under the flag of Ukraine — the Marshall Islands.

Yesterday, a ship with grain also had to leave one of the unblocked ports, but this did not happen because of weather conditions. Earlier, Ukrainian grain successfully reached the destination, but the customer refused to take orders for the delay. Thus, it is not yet possible to say that the grain problem, which was created by the war, has been solved. But the Ukrainian exporter is trying to transfer all orders.

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