Will Europe Buy Stolen Grain?

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, May 30, 2022
Will Europe Buy Stolen Grain?

Putin offers Makron and Scholz to buy grain stolen from Ukraine

The world is in shock. The world is on the verge of a food catastrophe. The United Nations is already warning that a new antitrust has been recorded for grain stocks, especially wheat. World wheat stocks fell to their lowest levels since 2008. The reason for such a food crisis is the Russian offensive on Ukrainian lands. Russia is stealing grain and destroying warehouses and equipment.

Official European estimates, already in the third month of the war, are negative. Wheat reserves, calculated for the whole world, account for 33% of annual consumption. Agricultural company GroIntelligence believes that reserves have fallen to 20%. Based on the average, the world’s reserves remain for no more than 10 weeks. This was reported in the British newspaper The Telegraph.

Western countries assumed that the Russian Federation in the form of the "second army of the world" was deliberately trying to damage Ukrainian fields and grain warehouses. So the Russians are threatening the world’s food supplies. But Russia did not wait long and, through Putin, made a bold offer to Europe.

Russian president Volodymyr Putin held a telephone conversation with the president of France and the chancellor of Germany. Macron and Scholz told the meeting that the president of the aggressor country proposed a solution to the food crisis. Putin wants to increase the supply of wheat and other grain to the world market. To this end, he is ready to use Russian grain (stolen from Ukraine). However, even in this initially insolent proposal, there is an even more insolent continuation. Russia is ready to help avert a food crisis if the West lifts the sanctions.

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