Winter Vacation in Ukraine 2022

by Evgeny Lazorenko
Monday, January 10, 2022
Winter Vacation in Ukraine 2022

Work.Life.Balance in action. Time for recreation and investment ideas in the ski resorts of Ukraine

For lovers of active recreation in Ukraine, there are several ski resorts. Bright national color, delicious cuisine, crystal clear air, renting houses with crazy views, and, of course, steep mountains where you can ride to your heart's content.

The most popular ski resorts in Ukraine are:

  • Bukovel
  • Dragobrat
  • Pylypets
  • Slavske
  • Play

Bukovel is a universal and most popular resort, combining many trails for beginners and pros. There are about 60 of them, with a total length of 68 kilometers. There is a ski school and lots of fun for family vacations. Holidays in Bukovel are popular not only among Ukrainians but also among foreigners.

Dragobrat is the highest mountain resort in the country: the top of mount Stig is located at an altitude of 1707 meters. It is suitable for experienced skiers and snowboarders, and those who like free off-piste skiing. Freestyle springboards are available. Newcomers to this resort are rare, and in general, there are fewer people here.

Slavske is the oldest ski resort located on Trostyan mountain in the Lviv region. It is the 3-rd most popular resort in Ukraine, with 11 routes. Like Bukovel, it is universal: there are trails for professionals, beginners, and children.

Pylypets combines routes of varying length and complexity. Pylypets is the 2-nd highest resort in Ukraine. The total length of the trails is about 20 kilometers.

Play is a ski resort with six descents up to 12.5 km long. The upper tracks are steeper and designed for experienced athletes, and below are gentle slopes for beginners. There is also a ski school and a snow park. Play is becoming increasingly popular among tourists, while prices are lower than in more popular resorts.

Mountain real estate has started to gain momentum as one of the best investments in Ukraine since 2014. That's when the "summer high season in the mountains" began. Now the task is even more ambitious to create all-season resorts in the Carpathians. It requires significant and thoughtful investment.


Investment time!

Bukovel the most popular domestic resort. It has been developing since 2000 and has become a real tourist and sports cluster. It offers more than 25.000 accommodations of various kinds from a small estate to a representative of the international network Radisson Blu Bukovel. It employs more than 50.000 locals.

During this time, according to the co-owner of the resort, more than $400 mln has already been invested in infrastructure. As for hotels and their format, from economy accommodation to a 5-star hotel.

Bukovel's further goal is to develop the resort as a ski resort and as a professional sports complex of the Olympic grade. One of the latest infrastructure extensions is the biathlon complex, hosting international competitions. Bukovel provided a plot of 18.4 hectares, the complex is being built at the expense of a subvention from the state budget. The first stage is $7.9 mln of state funds, the second шы about $5.7mln, the third is still estimated.


But new projects are developing that deserve the attention of investors.


Slavske ski resort

Project from OKKO Group. A total of 65 km of ski trails are planned, the Austrian ILF develops engineering documentation.


The Slavske ski resort plans to upgrade and invest in new ski infrastructure for guests' recreation. The approximate capacity, compared to Bukovel from 15.000 tourists daily. The project will create approximately 5.000 new jobs at the resort and 15.000 new jobs in the region. The construction of this 20 km of track will cost about $100 million. These are the approximate cost of gondolas, snowmaking systems, artificial lakes for snowmaking systems, snowmobiles, and the basic infrastructure for this rolling zone.

Implementation of all project queues will take three to four years and require approximately $250 million (excluding hotels). As for hotels, some plan to build independently, for some to attract partners. To attract tourists to Slavske throughout the year, infrastructure is already being developed for the "warm" season: hiking trails, bike paths, rope parks, rollerblading, children's theme parks, and an artificial recreational pond.


Borzhava ski resort

The idea of ​​the project of the high-altitude all-season sports and tourist cluster Borzhava was voiced in the summer of 2020 at the president’s office. €25 mln have already been invested in Borzhava. In particular, the first gondola lift in Ukraine has been purchased and is planned to be installedю Еourists will be taken to the mountains for 4 km. In the future, investors plan to pour another €250-300 mln into the tourist cluster on Borzhava.


As for the interest of investors, there are requests for projects that offer recreation in any weather.

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