Words Can Kill

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, November 20, 2022
Words Can Kill

The Lithuanians bought Ukraine 2 more sea drones and gave them names that clearly explain to the Russians their impending demise

Last week, Lithuanian citizens raised $250.000 to buy a marine drone and named it Peace Дец. We have explained the peculiarity of the translation of this name here.

Our friends did not stop there and bought 2 more of the same drones and named them in the same style — PEACE Да and PEACE Дюк.

"Lithuanians are on fire. After providing Ukraine with the marine drone "PEACE Дец" we raised another $250K for a second one named Yes to peace or PEACE Да. And we have already €40K towards the third one Duke of Peace (PEACE Дюк). It will be the best trio since 3 tenors," fundraising organizer Andrius Tapinas.

The official translation is available and understandable — Yes to peace and Duke of Peace. However, the fact is that in these titles, as well as in the first drone, there is a lot of Lithuanians' sense of humour and support for the Ukrainian people. PEACE Да and PEACE Дюк, through the mouth of a Russian-speaking person, are consonant with obscene words, each of which is translated as "a very undesirable and negative outcome" (a reference to the war that will end in the failure of the Russian army) and "a very humiliated, insignificant person" (a reference to Russian soldiers, whom we call "schmucknya", from the word "schmuck"). You see the model schmucknya on the cover of the article. The left one in the first days of the war was captured in Ukrainian captivity. A couple of months later, he was exchanged for the Ukrainian warriors. 

Glory to Ukraine and the Lithuanian people!

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