Work of the National Cadastre System in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, February 9, 2022
Work of the National Cadastre System in Ukraine

Advantages of open land map

In the past, all land information was kept on paper in the district land administration offices. This created some inconvenience and a significant investment of time in the issues related to Ukrainian land. The software developed for the electronic cadastre allows all these different systems to be integrated into a single national coordinate system.

The map shows parcel boundaries, cadastral numbers, form of ownership, purpose, area, orthophotoplanes, boundaries of regions, districts, and settlements. However, there is no information available in the public domain on the real owners of particular plots.

The land registry also makes it easier investing-in-ukraine/service-for-investors/" rel="dofollow">for investors to do due diligence on land and gives them more confidence.

Another advantage was the elimination of the need to redesign state acts on the ownership of the land upon its acquisition. Such a step simplifies and accelerates land transactions.

To use an online card, go to the official website. After downloading the card, the user has the opportunity to see the entire map of Ukraine and choose the region, city, and even the district. During searching for the necessary street and land number, users get all information that does not violate the rights of other citizens and the laws of Ukraine.

The existence of a public cadastral map is an important step towards building a civilized and efficient land market in Ukraine

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