Work on the Multi-Function Helicopter

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, February 14, 2022
Work on the Multi-Function Helicopter

Ukrainian aviation company "Vector" the National aviation university are starting to create a multi-purpose helicopter, "Dzhmil"

The project has already passed the stage of drawings and the creation of prototypes. Last year developers of the Ukrainian helicopter received the last tranche of investment and now start active construction of the innovative aircraft.

Cooperation with the National aviation university will help achieve the main goal. The main goal of the project of aviation company Vector is the creation of innovative helicopters with the best in the country flight-technical characteristics.

The Ukrainian Dzhmil will refer to superlight devices and also have such characteristics:

  • Seats — 1+3;
  • Take-off mass — 1.000 kg;
  • Payload mass — 480 kg;
  • Cruise speed — 200 km/h;
  • Engine power — 290 hp (2x145).

The appearance of the helicopter is modern stylish. The shape of the helicopter was designed to avoid blind spots for the pilot. Ukrainian development has already been patented. In 2020, Vector received a certificate of ownership of a useful model with two engines.

The ready-made Dzhmil designs will be used for different purposes. But the main purpose of the helicopter is to be useful. Therefore, it is planned that the Ukrainian aircraft will become a means of transportation for medical and firefighters, police, and military personnel. Speed of flight readiness and safety of movement in the helicopter will help save hundreds of lives both in Ukraine and abroad.

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