Works of the C215 Artist in Gostomel, Irpin and Borodianka

Christian Gemi left 4 graffiti on the walls of destroyed buildings in the Kyiv region
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Art sustains souls and hearts. Christian Gemi, who works under the pseudonym C215, arrived in the Kyiv region and updated buildings with works in Ukrainian motifs

Gostomel. When a Ukrainian describes the width of our Dnipro river, he uses the proverb "A rare bird can fly to the middle of the Dnipro." Perhaps this is how Christian sees that very rare bird.

Borodyanka. Portrait of one of the most famous Ukrainian poets Lesya Ukrainka. Representative of the Ukrainian intelligentsia of the 19th century. Her family was killed by the Soviet authorities. Like the rest of the Ukrainian intelligentsia and patriots.

This graffiti is located near the registry office in the city of Irpin. This is an image of Christian's son in Ukrainian vyshyvanka.

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