Works of the Ukrainian National Artist Maria Prymachenko

On August 22 out of the ordinary Maria Prymachenko was posthumously awarded the “National Legend of Ukraine”

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Maria Prymachenko — authentic Ukrainian artist

She was born in 1908 in the Kyiv region.

The artist painted in the author's style of "naive art" and during her life, she created more than 800 paintings

Maria Prymachenko took her honourable place in the "World encyclopedia of art". The 2009s UNESCO declared the year of Maria Prymachenko.

On May 5, 2022, the canvas "Flowers grew from the 4th block" was sold for 15 million hryvnias, and the money was transferred to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine

It is painful to realize that this is one of the artist's last paintings because the occupiers burned the National museum with paintings of Maria Prymachenko.

On August 22, 2022, for her contribution to the art of Ukraine and help in the victory over Russia (25 years after her death), Maria Prymachenko was awarded the distinction "National Legend of Ukraine"
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