World Boxing Championships Without Russia/Belarus 

by Roman Cheplyk
Saturday, February 25, 2023
World Boxing Championships Without Russia/Belarus 

Consequences of approval by the international boxing association of the aggressors' participation in the World Cup 2023

IBA allowed Belarus and the Russian Federation to participate in the major sporting event of the year. The Sports Association has turned a blind eye to the fact that Moscow has been open for a year now, using military force, trying to capture Ukraine. They also want to see Belarusian athletes, whose authorities give the territory of the country for Putin's attacks on Ukraine.

Therefore, vice-president of the boxing federation of Ukraine Oleh Ilchenko said that Ukrainians will not go to the World Boxing Championship 2023. Our athletes and representatives of the boxing federation of Ukraine are ready to boycott the Women’s World Championship in India (from 15 to 31 March) and the men’s part of the competition in Uzbekistan (from 1 to 14 May) if there will be representatives of aggressor countries.

The United States, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Canada, Poland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Switzerland also did not support the OSI decision. They said they decided to boycott the upcoming competition.

Recall that Ukraine is also against the appearance of athletes from Russia and Belarus at the 2024 Olympic Games. Several countries supported Ukraine and sent a letter to the International Olympic Committee requesting that the decision to admit aggressors to prestigious competitions be changed.

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