World Cup 2022 in Qatar Crowned by International Fans of Ukraine

During the Portugal-Uruguay match, Mario Ferri ran onto the field with a call to support Ukraine and Syrian women  
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On November 28, Qatar hosted the Portugal-Uruguay match as part of the World Cup

However, for our editors, the most important event was not the football victory of Portugal, but the fact that in the 51st-minute Italian football player Mario Ferri ran onto the field. Mario held an LGBT flag in his hands, and the inscriptions on his T-shirt shouted "Save Ukraine" and "Respect for Iranian Women"

The tattoo on Mario's left arm is the national emblem of Ukraine Trizub (Trident).

Mario Ferri The Falcon — football player for United Sports Club. As soon as Russia entered a full-scale war against Ukraine, Mario Ferri came to Ukraine more than once as a volunteer and helped Ukrainian refugees find shelter in Poland.

"I do it myself. I pay for everything and want nothing in return. The other day I almost got into a fight because I saw a man asking for money for what I do. This is unacceptable. People here are driven to despair and cannot be done on this business. I go to Lviv, looking for people who need help. There are a lot of people outside Ukraine who are ready to help, but in Ukraine, many people are worried that something might happen to them. And I help them, "Mario Ferri.

Also, on November 28 in Qatar, during the Spain-Germany match, Spanish fans unfurled the flag of the Azov regiment

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