World-Known Light Artist Shined Kyiv

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Gerry Hofstetter has come to Kyiv to cheer up the Ukrainians with his art

On December 23, the artist created stunning light projections on Ukrainian sights: Andriiv descent and in the capital's centre, St. Andrew's Church, the National Museum of the History of Ukraine, the Belfry of the Mykhailo Golden-Top Monastery and the Belfry of Sophia

Artistic tour "Christmas light for hope" — another symbol of solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

Here you see sunflowers — the Ukrainian national flower. 

The project was launched with the support of the Ministry of the culture of Ukraine and the Swiss Embassy in Ukraine. To start the illumination in the blackout Kyiv, Hofstetter and his team brought their own generators.

Ukrainian Cossack Baida plays one of the national instruments of Ukraine. 

Peace doves on Saint Sophia

Ukrainian vyshyvanka

Peaceful sky over Ukraine

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