World Leader’s Reaction to the Consequences of Strikes on Odesa

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, July 25, 2023
World Leader’s Reaction to the Consequences of Strikes on Odesa

On July 23, Russia destroyed 25 architectural monuments and killed civilians

In a consequence of the missile terror by the Russian armed forces in the centre of Odesa suffered buildings built in the 19-20 centuries. The mansions of Polish, Moldovan and Ukrainian political and military figures (Manuc-Bey, Porro, Zhdanov, Janusz) were destroyed. The world community immediately reacted to the attack.

The European Union called the strikes in the centre of Odesa a crime. 

"The constant missile terror against Odesa, a city with UNESCO protection status – another war crime of the Kremlin," said EU president Josep Borrel.

Deutsche Welle reported that Stoltenberg called a council on the Ukrainian situation due to recent attacks on the city near the Black sea. The NATO secretary general has called a meeting at the request of the president of Ukraine. On July 26, the ambassadors will meet to discuss the latest crimes of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and to resolve the issue of the grain corridor closure by Russia at the diplomatic and civilised level.

UNESCO also condemned the actions of the Russian armed forces. The organisation noted that Russia has been launching missile strikes on Odesa since July 18, damaging museums and houses included in the UNESCO World Heritage Fund.

"UNESCO expresses support to the residents of Odesa and brings sincere," says also in response to recent events.

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