Worldwide Ridicule

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, October 6, 2022
Worldwide Ridicule

Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah and Volodymyr Zelenskyy turn Putin into a joke 

Vladimir Putin was a former employee of the State Security Committee of the USSR. Russia's president could have been an example and a respected person in his old age. But he decided to start a war against a "fraternal people" and lost the world's respect.

No one in Ukraine respects him. The president of Ukraine does not recognize the decrees of the head of the neighboring state. So Zelenskyy signed a document concerning the recent referendums and annexation of Ukrainian territories by the Russian Federation. According to the document, all of Putin's orders to annex Ukrainian territories and any other decisions acts, and treaties are considered null and void.

The Wall Street Journal reports about the inability of the Russian army to fight. Journalists report that the Russian Federation has donated a lot of equipment to Ukraine:

  • 460 tanks;
  • 92 self-propelled howitzers;
  • 448 infantry fighting vehicles;
  • 195 armoured combat vehicles;
  • 44 multiple rocket launchers.

In Ukraine, this military equipment is called lend-lease in Russian.

American television also ridicules Putin's recent decision to annex Ukrainian territories to Russia. Television host Stephen Colbert mocked Putin with just a few sentences.

"Putin issued a strong decree that people who live in Lugansk, Kherson, Donetsk, and Zaporizhzhya have forever become Russians. Are you sure forever? Or just for a few minutes? As luck would have it. Because while Putin was talking, the Ukrainian military took the strategic city of Liman. As in the old saying, "When life gives you Lyman, the Ukrainian army will trample you and take it back in 24 hours," said the TV host.

Another TV presenter Trevor Noah publicly addressed the cameraman who filmed the "ceremony of unification of the people's republics with Russia". He said that we no longer have to guess Putin's growth — he's like the video — the little king. Noah also called on the Russian cameraman to be careful, hinting that Putin might poison him.

The political community continues to support Ukraine and does not go along with the dictator's agenda. 

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