“Your Pain Is My Pain”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, December 1, 2022
“Your Pain Is My Pain”

Pope Francis addressed Ukrainians in an official letter

Pope from the beginning of Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine called on everyone to cold mind and peace. However, Pope Francis appealed to the Ukrainian people in the ninth month of the bloodshed. The site of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church reported this.

The head and sovereign of the Holy see in the letter called the war "crazy and absorbed". He condemned the actions that forced Ukrainians to leave their homes. According to the pontific, this war carries only explosions, destruction, and death. In the letter, he paid attention to children. He noted that he knew about the children who died, became orphans, forced to survive the heat of war.

"I cry with you for every child who has lost his life through this war, like Kira from Odesa or Lisa from Vinnytsia and hundreds of other children: In each of them, all mankind will suffer defeat," Pope Francis wrote.

The representative of Spirituality and Rome noted that the modern Ukrainian fate is difficult. Young people defend their families and homes with guns, and heads of State assume greater responsibility for the freedom of Ukrainians and for the tragic times. Also, the head of the Vatican recalled the famine and power of Ukrainians after all repression. He condemned both Stalin’s actions and Putin’s and said that Ukraine would receive assistance as long as necessary.

"The world has discovered a bold and strong people who suffer and pray, cry and fight, resist and hope — a multi-suffering and noble people. I continue to be close to you by heart and prayer, with human care that you feel the support so that you do not get used to war, that you will not remain alone today, and especially tomorrow when perhaps there will be a temptation to forget about your suffering," Pope Francis wrote.

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