Zelensky Signs Decree Establishing Unmanned Systems Forces in Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, June 26, 2024
Zelensky Signs Decree Establishing Unmanned Systems Forces in Ukraine

On June 25, President Volodymyr Zelensky signed a groundbreaking decree to create a new branch within the Armed Forces of Ukraine — the Unmanned Systems Forces

This initiative aims to bolster Ukraine's defense capabilities amidst evolving modern threats.

Overview of the Decree

The official decree, published on the presidential website, marks the establishment of a unique military force dedicated to the development, deployment, and operational use of unmanned and robotic systems across air, sea, and land domains. This move is unprecedented, making Ukraine the first country to integrate such a force into its military structure.

Purpose and Objectives

The creation of the Unmanned Systems Forces comes as a strategic response to the long-term and large-scale armed aggression by the Russian Federation. The primary objectives are:

  • Enhancement of Capabilities: To enhance the operational capabilities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces through advanced unmanned and robotic systems.
  • Readiness and Deployment: To ensure these systems are ready for deployment and use in various combat and support scenarios.
  • Innovation in Defense: To leverage modern technology and innovation to address current and future military challenges.

Strategic Importance

The Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Oleksiy Lytvynenko, highlighted the significance of this new force. He stated that the establishment of the Unmanned Systems Forces is crucial for strengthening Ukraine's defense posture and aligns with the contemporary needs and challenges faced by the military.

"Creating this new branch of the Armed Forces not only enhances our defense capabilities but also positions Ukraine at the forefront of military innovation. It is a vital step in responding to modern warfare dynamics," Lytvynenko emphasized.

Immediate Implementation

The decree is effective immediately upon publication, setting the stage for rapid development and integration of these advanced systems into Ukraine's defense strategy.


The formation of the Unmanned Systems Forces underscores Ukraine's commitment to modernizing its military capabilities and adopting cutting-edge technologies to counter ongoing and future threats. This initiative is expected to significantly enhance the operational efficiency and strategic flexibility of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, providing a robust response mechanism in the face of continued aggression.

This development positions Ukraine as a pioneer in the utilization of unmanned systems in national defense, potentially setting a new standard for military innovation worldwide.

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