Zelenskyy Held a Meeting With the Swedish Defense Minister

Friday, May 26, 2023
Zelenskyy Held a Meeting With the Swedish Defense Minister

On 25 May politicians discussed the aviation coalition in Kyiv

Swedish defense minister Paul Jonsson was and the president discussed the model of the aviation coalition – an army of modern aircraft that can 100% protect the heavenly space from the aggressor. Volodymyr Zelenskyy also invited the minister to join the creation of a powerful air defence army. Namely, to create a training program for Ukrainian pilots or to join Western-style aircraft programs, which will be headed by other countries.

The head of the Ukrainian state says that Sweden has joined international assistance in creating a tank coalition in Ukraine. He thanked Paul Johnson for the decision to transfer 10 units of Leopard-2 tanks in the amount and the initiative in the formation of training on the control of BMP CV-90 – vehicles of the ground forces of Sweden, which are designed for military operations.

Sweden may now join an even more responsible mission that will help deter missile strikes and fighter raids of the Russian Federation. Stockholm's response won’t make it wait long, because the Swedish representative expressed admiration for the success of Ukrainian fighters in military studies.

"Impressed by the success of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the endurance of the Ukrainian people," wrote the minister.

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