Zelenskyy: Withdrawal of All People From “Azovstal” Will Be Completed Soon

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, May 21, 2022
Zelenskyy: Withdrawal of All People From “Azovstal” Will Be Completed Soon

On May 20 about 2 thousand soldiers left the metallurgical plant "Azovstal". Ukrainian defenders continue to leave Mariupol

On May 20, both countries of the war reported the withdrawal of civilians and fighters of the Azov regiment from the territory of the Azovstal plant in Mariupol. The Russian media reported that the Ukrainian military gave their lives and Mariupol. Ukraine explains this step as the new order — the preservation of life. Let us recall that the people who fled the bombardment have lived without food or water for the past two weeks.

Ukrainian defense and policy officials almost immediately commented the exit of people from the factory.

"The highest military command gave the order to preserve the life and health of the defenders of the garrison and to stop the defense of the city. Despite the heavy fighting, perimeter defense and lack of supplies, we noted three important conditions for us: civilians, wounded and dead," told the commander of the regiment Azov Denys Prokopenko.

"From Azovstal evacuated almost everyone! Civilian, medical, hard-wounded. This moment is also the removal of people. It seems to me that shortly, even not days, but eventually, the removal of all," told the president of Ukraine.

Ukrainians are taken to the occupied territories. Dead people are taken out from under the rubble and shelters of the metallurgical combine. Even helicopters carry dead bodies.

The Ukrainian side says that a process of difficult negotiations with Russia has been started. As a result of the work of the two sides, Ukrainian prisoners from Azovstal should be exchanged for Russian prisoners.

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