Starting an aerospace business in Ukraine as a Belgium citizen

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The aerospace industry in Ukraine is a thriving, high-tech sector that has given the world some of its most innovative aircraft

The country's military and passenger planes were also developed by these industries' engineers, who have over 100 records for their achievements, including an AN-225 Mriia record-breaker with cargo capacity; it was made possible because they are kept on top technology through years spent manufacturing them as well!

Ukraine has been making strides towards achieving an advanced level in the space industry. With their rich history in aviation and aerospace engineering, they can collaborate with other countries like NASA or SpaceX, who share a similar interest in exploration via aircraft as well satellites because it is not just about producing planes but also designing them too!

Ukraine is a country with an aerospace industry that's seen great success. This means it can produce quality products and create opportunities for investors from all around the world

One big advantage of investing in this sector is lower costs when hiring qualified employees. Most people speak English, too, thanks largely due to its proximity to Europe's language structure foundation class — which leads many Ukrainians to be fluent by early adulthood (or even before).
The government plans to overhaul aviation/helicopter sectors, creating conditions necessary towards qualitatively different development options regarding the future.

Ukraine is the birthplace of a huge number of aerospace engineering bureaus

Five design bureaus are concentrated in Ukraine, including the legendary Antonov and Yuzhnoye. In Dnipro, there is a full-fledged production of engines from both Ivchenko-Progress and Zaporizhia Aircraft with their own designs or those designed elsewhere but produced here due to national pride in aviation manufacturing plants located all over Eastern Europe

Though not without challenges like low salaries, among other factors which may keep them out altogether if things don't improve soon enough.

Ukraine and European Union signed a Common Aviation Area Agreement with Ukraine, which opens a total entry of Ukraine and any business here into the single airspace of the EU.

If you have a strong idea and want to implement it in Ukraine, let's act together! We know how to start a business and make it profitable!
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