Starting the USA aerospace business in Ukraine
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Ukraine is a member of the elite club of space powers. And today Ukraine is on the path of optimizing the old base and developing new technologies

We are interested in continuing the glorious traditions of Ukraine in rocketry, aviation, and space.

On the territory of Ukraine, there are five aircraft design bureaus and eight factories operating in the rocket-building environment. Based on these enterprises, aircraft, helicopters, space shuttles, rockets and rocket components, space satellites, and IT solutions for sensing the earth from space, navigation systems, etc., are being developed.

What has Ukraine done to draw the attention of American investors to the issue of introducing its business to the territory of our country?
  • Common airspace with the European Union
  • The program of forced development of the aviation region of Ukraine
  • Investment nanny program, which exempts investors from all taxes and duties

Yes, it was Ukraine that gave the world the most significant commercial aircraft Ruslan and Mriya. Ukraine does not stop at this achievement but continues to cooperate with foreign aerospace projects, share experience, and work sites

For example, in 2024, Ukraine will deliver scientific equipment of the SpaceX to the Moon. Ukraine has more than once built spare parts for spacecraft for NASA, which are in space right now. Today Ukraine is developing its satellite Sich-2.

Aviation and space technology is respected all over the world. Even those who do not work in this area know about us. This is because our scientists and designers assemble incredibly high quality and thoughtful equipment, and our engineers are among the most educated in the world.

This treasure lacks only external investment. If you are determined to take part in the development of the powerful space potential of Ukraine, please contact GT Invest. We will help you to invest in the great.


If you have a strong idea and want to implement it in Ukraine, let's act together! We know how to start a business and make it profitable!
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