Agricultural possibilities

Starting the USA’s agritech business in Ukraine
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When it comes to Ukraine, first of all, it is her richest land that comes to mind

Yes, we can safely say that the main wealth of Ukraine is precisely the land. Our black gold is huge areas of black soil. There are almost 43 thousand hectares of agricultural land in Ukraine, of which more than 40% is black soil. With its structure and nutritional power, the ground is capable of growing on itself, even those cultures that have never grown in our country.

And thanks to the mild climate and partial location in the subtropical zone, Ukraine has already begun to grow citrus fruits and coffee, albeit experimentally.

Every year Ukraine exports hundreds of thousands of products grown on our land, thanks to our agronomists and farmers
  • grain and compound feed
  • vegetables and fruits
  • fresh and frozen berries

As an investor from the United States, II What do you get when I finance my agribusiness in Ukraine?

Today foreigners cannot buy land in Ukraine; however, you can rent it or act through a Ukrainian representative.

The presence of a plot of land in Ukraine will allow you to reap vast harvests of agricultural products. The location of Ukraine in the center of Europe will allow you to export products from Ukraine to America and expand your business throughout Europe. Convenient logistics and competent infrastructure will allow you to supply your grain, vegetables, and medicinal plants to all EU countries in the shortest possible time.

The Ukrainian market is in demand. Therefore, do not lose the opportunity to get guaranteed rich profits from your agribusiness on the territory of Ukraine. Call GT Invest, and our specialists will devote you to all the details of implementing your business idea in the agricultural sector of Ukraine.


If you have a strong idea and want to implement it in Ukraine, let's act together! We know how to start a business and make it profitable!
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