Alternative energy

Investing in alternative energy in Ukraine as the USA citizen
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Investing in alternative energy in recent years has become not only profitable but also prestigious

As soon as the world took a course towards an eco-friendly life, many companies immediately converted their production and products for green energy resources. This is important not so much because of the wave of respect for the world we live in but because of the conscious attitude to our lives, planet, and business.

Why investing in Ukraine is profitable

On the territory of Ukraine, there are all the primary sources of clean energy from renewable resources. The sun is solar panels, the waste products of livestock are biomethane, lithium in the bowels of our earth is a product for environmentally friendly accumulators. We also have nuclear power plants and wind generators are located on the shores of our two seas.

All this can be multiplied and expanded. Moreover, you have few competitors in Ukraine.

What can help your to develop a green energy business

  • construction by Ukraine and other European countries Hydrogen Corridor through Ukraine, Germany, Czech Republic, and Slovakia
  • launch of the Law on the Development of Biomethane Production
  • Ukraine's introduction of special green tariffs for the production and use of clean energy 

The importance and popularity of developing alternative energy sources and their environmentally friendly use cannot be overestimated. Ukraine is actively reforming in this area, and you can profitably invest in your business in Ukraine.

One call to GT Invest will give you an understanding of our country’s investment climate and help you implement your ideas here.

If you have a strong idea and want to implement it in Ukraine, let's act together! We know how to start a business and make it profitable!
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