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Investing in the Australian aviation business in Ukraine
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Ukraine is strong air power. Talented engineers have worked and are working here.

The world-renowned aviation concern Antonov is proof of this. The legendary Ruslan, known in NATO as the Condor, was the largest cargo plane globally for a long time until it was replaced by the Mriia, an aircraft of the same Ukrainian design bureau.

There are five design bureaus on the territory of Ukraine, including the rocket and space giant Yuzhnoye.

Eight factories in Ukraine produce airplanes, rockets and their spare parts, fighters, satellites, space navigation systems, and other equipment.

Ukraine will completely abandon imported aircraft with good investment since everything necessary is located on its territory. Today Ukraine, for the most part, produces equipment for export.

With which countries the aerospace sphere of Ukraine is connected:

  • NASA;
  • NATO;
  • SpaceX etc.
What the Ukrainian government has undertaken for investors from Australia:
  • Signing with the European Union Treaty on the Common Aviation Space;
  • Creation of a national air carrier and attraction of external investments in this project;
  • Development and adoption of the scientific and technical program For the development of aircraft construction until 2030.

Today, Ukraine is developing its own (second) satellite, Sich-2, helping SpaceX deliver scientific cargo to the Moon and upgrading the state-owned aerospace concerns.

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