Investing in the agricultural sector of Ukraine for Australian citizens
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There are more than 60 million hectares of land in Ukraine, of which 70% is agricultural land. Hence it becomes clear that Ukraine is a farming country.

By the way, about 33% of the world reserve of black soil is concentrated in Ukraine. The total area of ​​our chernozem is equal to the size of ​​Great Britain.

Almost every Ukrainian with a business streak has already taken the opportunity to invest in a profitable agricultural sector. And all the same, the full potential of this sphere of the Ukrainian economy has not yet been used.

Where can a foreigner invest in the agricultural sector of Ukraine:

  • sowing and sale of crops (grain, fruits, vegetables);
  • export of products all over the world. Location in the center of Europe contributes to profitable logistics;
  • vineyards, wine production;
  • cultivation of medicinal and rare crops, processing into essential oils and mixtures;
  • expansion of the reclamation structure for better irrigation.

What contributes to the development of the agricultural sector of Ukraine:

  • plant care with drones: watering, spraying with pesticides, soil composition research, harvesting;
  • new drip irrigation methods;
  • the use of organic fertilizers (after all, cattle breeding is highly developed in Ukraine);
  • In some regions of Ukraine, the weather is warm throughout the year, which contributes to a double harvest of winter varieties of crops.
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Separately, I would like to note that the earth is a constant phenomenon. She will always be and, with proper care, will always bring a rich harvest.

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