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Investing in the automobile industry in Ukraine for the USA investor
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Ukraine has been producing cars for a long time. There are several reasons for this

First, there are vast deposits of metal in Ukraine. Secondly, the country’s geographic location in the center makes the logistics of car parts and finished products fast and convenient.

Today, Ukraine, as an independent country, has begun to lay a different, optimized infrastructure, relying on existing developments.

Basic ways of work of the automotive industry of Ukraine

  • Production of passenger cars
  • Production of commercial and public transport
  • Assembly of spare parts to order from world-famous concerns (Prettl, Wolksvagen)
  • Alliances with foreign companies in the form of providing a Ukrainian assembly site
Ukraine is a member of the World Trade Organization and a free trade zone with the European Union

UkrAvto, as the main auto-shareholder of Ukraine, owns enterprises in Ukraine and Poland. Primary export markets for cars assembled in Ukrainian UkrAvto: Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Syria. Also, machine kits are supplied to Egypt about 15 thousand units per year.

We are interested in the participation of American business in the auto industry of Ukraine

Ukraine is developing towards creating an environment conducive to increasing inbound investment

  • availability of a base for the production of cars from American auto concerns
  • qualified staff
  • profitable logistics
  • optimization of tax statutes, which simplify and reduce the cost of the process of export and import of equipment, raw materials, spare parts, and finished vehicles

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