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Ukrainian textile industry for Australian investors
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The textile industry is a branch of the light industry

However, this does not mean that running this business will be easy. Most textile enterprises are private (that is, not state-owned), but they still contribute to the country’s development.

Ukraine works both on its raw materials (linen, cotton, synthetic fibers, fur, and leather) and imported ones (for example, silk).

In the second half of 2019 (the last pre-quarantine indicator), the export of light industry products was designated in the amount of $636.1 million. Today, the industry occupies 5% of our country’s export, and Ukraine is interested in increasing this indicator.

Bonuses from investing in the textile industry of Ukraine:

  • Raw material base;
  • Profitable logistics;
  • Well-trained workers in this field.

The West of Ukraine is noted for the high activity of sewing wedding dresses sold all over the world. Eastern Ukraine sews industrial goods (for example, car covers), while in Central, it will be profitable to invest in processing old textiles into new ones.

Every year, foreign investments in the Ukrainian textile industry are increasing, as the quality of our product is becoming more and more known.

What exciting areas of the textile industry in Ukraine you, as a representative of the Australian business, can consider:
  • Export of collection creation services to outsourcing;
  • Raw material strategy;
  • Private label;
  • B2B.

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