Starting an aerospace business in Ukraine as an Austrian businessman
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Ukraine's aerospace industry was the first in Eastern Europe and CIS to develop spacecraft

Several militaries and passenger aircraft came from this. All produced at home by Ukraine's leading engineering companies.

Records holder An-225 Mriia cargo plane made its debut powered solely on winds; AN124. The unique experience gained through years spent perfecting cutting-edge technology makes investing here attractive for foreign investors who have been pouring capital into our economy.

Based on Ukrainian production, international technical orders are developed and implemented. As well as their own planes shuttles & satellites being created 

This region’s rich aerospace and aircraft-building history make it an excellent place for investors with interests spanning both areas to get involved. There is an opportunity because salaries tend to be lower than those found elsewhere while enjoying proximity between different markets.

In 2021, scientific and Technical Program Development of the aircraft building sector in Ukraine was signed for 2021-2030. The reformation of the aviation and helicopter sector will create conditions for a qualitatively different development of the scientific, technical, and production capacities of Ukraine.

Ukraine has become a popular destination for business due to its rich aviation history

Five design bureaus are concentrated in Ukraine, including the legendary Antonov and Yuzhnoye companies that have helped make aircraft what they are today. Eight factories produce engines throughout the Dnieper, including one of Europe's largest engine factories in Zaporizhia, and Motor Sich is another major player on this front! Also, investors can enter into partnerships between the countries of the European Union thanks to the open skies agreement between Ukraine and the EU. It opens up free passage anywhere in their airspace a benefit that many countries cannot boast of.

Located in the center of Europe, Ukraine has a strong advantage in the logistics and route sectors. The country's proximity makes getting there easy for both travelers and drivers alike. This allows them to take full advantage of their resources while not wasting any time or money on travel expenses that would be unnecessary if one lived/worked near enough. In 2020-2021 alone, 3 new airports were opened across all regions, adding more flights into existing hubs.

If you have a strong idea and want to implement it in Ukraine, let's act together! We know how to start a business and make it profitable!
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