Information technology business in Ukraine with businessman from Austria
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The IT sector is at the forefront of business growth in Ukraine

With an annual turnover increase rate of around 20%, many companies are turning to this field for their expertise and development needs because they know no one better than Ukrainians regarding the tech-savvy skillset needed these days! The country also benefits from having talented individuals who speak English fluently (70%) or know emerging disciplines like Go AI, big data, blockchain technology, etc. All thanks again to Freedom do Business here.

A recent survey of the top 100 offshore companies shows that more than 20 are based in Ukraine

This country has earned itself the nickname “the land of potatoes and pencils” due to its rich history with agriculture. Still, these days it's also known for being one heckuva productive software factory.

Ukraine is a hotbed for innovation in the CEE region, with 8.3% of all exports going towards IT services and nearly $5 billion generated by 2020 as a result! Startups are also on an upswing: Ukraine ranked 34th place globally in the startups' ecosystem index last year, where they were placed among 100 countries worldwide and 11th of European nations. The country has been growing steadily since then too. There's been more foreign investment than ever before at 500 million dollars.

Ukraine is a rising star in the field of IT and cybersecurity. They have been taking steps to ensure their success by creating special tax regimes for businesses interested in investing or working there while also providing funding opportunities through various centers that collaborate with OBSE on strengthening this industry's security measures against cyberattacks from abroad. If you're an Austrian citizen looking into investing your money here, contact GT Invest today we can help getup period steep fines could otherwise come things started!

If you have a strong idea and want to implement it in Ukraine, let's act together! We know how to start a business and make it profitable!
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