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GT Invest helps to organize an Austrian business in Ukraine
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Ukraine has been a popular destination for investors worldwide since it was established, with China and Europe often being trade routes through which goods can be transported

Ukraine offers an excellent launching ground to organize business due to Ukrainians’ rich culture and history.

If you're looking for an affordable country with a stable economy, look no further. The political climate has improved significantly in recent years, and doing business has become more accessible every day! Currently ranked 64th worldwide by Doing Business Indicators — Ukraine is the perfect destination to set up shop if your company needs access to quality minerals or other resources. At the same time, it continues developing its infrastructure as well.

Ukraine is a great place to organize business because it has access to resources like agriculture, oil, coal, metal. The country also offers skilled labor with literacy rates that are reasonable for the potential of success in your company's launch project.

The favorable geographical location of Ukraine means there are plenty of opportunities available when looking at trade barriers being reduced over time.

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