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Ukraine's most significant wealth is not gold or silver but land

Our black soil covers an area of 43 thousand hectares and makes up for more than 40% of crops grown in the country, with its unique structure to produce high yields under any condition that Ukrainian farmers have faced so far! 

Every year, Ukraine exports hundreds of thousands of products are grown on our land thanks to the hard work from agronomists and farmers. We have grain for feeding animals and vegetables that can be consumed by humans or used in farming, such things like fertilizer made out pretty much anything you could think might need it! In addition, we also produce fruit, including apples. This fruit doesn't just taste good, though – research shows its nutritional value makes them an important part when fighting against obesity worldwide. 

What do I get if finance my farm business through GT Invest Ukraine?

Invest in Ukraine to reap huge agricultural profits. The location of this country, at the center of Europe, will allow you to export products from your farm and increase business throughout Eastern Europe. Convenient logistics make it easy to supply shipments with all EU countries in less than three days, giving even hard-to-reach markets.

In Ukraine, we can harvest vast amounts of food each year. There’ll always be nutritious waiting tables when times are tough anywhere else around these parts, whether grains or vegetables.

The Ukrainian market is in demand, and you have a chance to get rich from your agribusiness on that territory. You can contact GT Invest for help with implementing business ideas into the agricultural sector of Ukraine. We will devote all our expertise to making sure it's done right.

If you have a strong idea and want to implement it in Ukraine, let's act together! We know how to start a business and make it profitable!
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