Information technology business in Ukraine with businessman from Brazil
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Ukraine has long been a powerhouse in information technology, and the country is seeking to keep its leadership position by investing further into this industry

Investors remain optimistic about Ukraine's potential, with many countries interested in adopting their innovations for use, within its borders or even internationally as well.

Ukrainian IT is becoming a more popular outsourcing option for companies that can affordably outsource their projects. According to the sector’s global indicators, the average annual development growth of 15-30% can't be beaten by other countries' market soars. It has led some large corporations such as Google or Facebook to invest there instead so that it deserves become one again soon enough with high tech jobs coming back home from abroad. 

People also believe this will help contribute towards Ukraine being considered a global R&D hub.

Ukraine is a country that can become an international tech hub

While there are still many obstacles in its path, human resources and science remain strong arms for Ukraine's development as it strives towards becoming more prosperous as time goes on.

In recent years investors have turned their attention away from other countries towards developing this area primarily because of its low cost compared to western locations where IT services, such as computer programming, occur. Combined, these factors make investing here profitable even when others would not consider doing so unless profit was guaranteed beforehand.

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