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Turnkey business opportunities for Britain business people in Ukraine
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In these challenging economic times, any investor would be wise to use turnkey business opportunities in Ukraine

It is particularly true of turnkey investing and outright purchases of interests in established companies in Ukraine.

These sectors include real estate, agriculture, technology, automotive manufacturing, energy, to name a few. 20 major industrial sectors would qualify as turnkey business opportunities in Ukraine.

What is Ukraine's Economy Advances in Turnkey Business Investing?

New liberalization is a moving force in advances in established industries such as healthcare, telecommunications, banking, public relations, legal services, and tourism.

Of course, there are considerable details in attaining a turnkey presence in Ukraine, and investment advisory services such as GT Invest have the expertise to help you navigate turnkey investments

Ukraine's requirements for investors interested in Foreign Direct Investment are best detailed for you by an experienced advisor such as GT Invest.

Stages of buying a turnkey business in Ukraine

  • Market research and analysis
  • Research of the company credit history
  • Evaluation of company assets
  • Balance sheet analysis
  • Investigation of any liabilities of the company
  • Purchase of an enterprise
  • Business registration and legal assistance
  • Accounting and tax assistance
  • Recruiting and hiring personnel 
  • Development of software for remote control

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