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Property in Ukraine for investors from Georgia
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Venturing into the real estate market of Ukraine can be an excellent opportunity, but there are certain factors one should consider before making their move

The value for properties on sale in this country has seen steady increases, which means it is a good time to invest if you plan on staying put or want more returns from your investment portfolio.
While looking at these opportunities might seem like they're generically available anywhere else throughout Europe. Especially considering how developed our home markets honestly tend towards becoming over long periods here.

What you should know before investing in Ukrainian properties
  • Ukraine does not have a regulatory authority to monitor or control real estate agencies.
  • Ukraine's laws are still in limbo on investments in real estate. Hence you must research intelligently before choosing any property in Ukraine for sale.
  • You must understand how an agency's commissions on Ukrainian properties for sale work. Commissions range from 1% — 5%. Therefore, always bargain for the most favorable rate.
  • The structure ownership of Ukrainian properties allows you to own property.


The Global Property Guide has researched and found that property in Kyiv, Ukraine, can yield an incredible 10%

It also say this is one of the most stable countries for investments because it's had economic growth over recent years. With low roundtrip costs that won't exceed 5%, there are many benefits to investing now before prices go up, even more so than they already have been doing lately.

If you have a strong idea and want to implement it in Ukraine, let's act together! We know how to start a business and make it profitable!
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