Investing in the Georgia aviation business in Ukraine

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Ukraine is home to five design bureaus, including one that builds powerful air forces

The Antonov company was created by this nation's talented engineers and produced some of the world’s largest aircraft for decades. Because it's never afraid to take on tough challenges like designing planes from scratch when other companies are still using pre-sets templates to make things easier on themselves.

Or their customers who may not have any aviation experience before asking them how they want something done. These people need all sorts out help possible.

In Ukraine, eight factories produce aircraft and spare parts

The country's aviation industry is largely self-sufficient, with everything necessary for production on its territory, including workers to operate machinery during manufacturing periods. Today exports have become more important than domestically produced goods because they can be marketed worldwide while supporting local economies where possible without having any negative impact due to being sourced locally. 

What the Ukrainian government has undertaken for investors from Georgia:

  • Signing with the European Union Treaty on the Common Aviation Space;
  • Creation of a national air carrier and attraction of external investments in this project;
  • Development and adoption of the scientific and technical program for aircraft construction development until 2030.
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