Investing in the agricultural sector of Ukraine for Georgia citizens

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Ukraine is a farming country, with about 33% of the world reserve for black soil concentrated in Ukraine

The total chernozem (or "black soil") makes up 60 million hectares. It has not yet been used to its full potential by Ukrainians who have taken advantage of this opportunity. Owning businesses or individuals invest heavily into profitable agricultural sectors; however, it should be noted that only 19% are cultivated which means there's still lots more out there waiting.


What contributes to the development of the agricultural sector of Ukraine


  • plant care with drones: watering, spraying with pesticides, soil composition research, harvesting;
  • new drip irrigation methods;
  • the use of organic fertilizers (after all, cattle breeding is highly developed in Ukraine);
  • In some regions of Ukraine, the weather is warm throughout the year, which contributes to a double harvest of winter varieties of crops.


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