Opportunities for investors from Georgia in various areas of production in Ukraine
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There are almost 2000 enterprises of heavy and light industry in Ukraine

Most importantly, according to government analysts, as of 2020, more than a quarter of citizens will be working with this type of enterprise. It not only satisfies domestic demand but also helps feed into export markets: aircraft parts for instance have been selling well overseas lately while metal ores generate revenue through their sale abroad too.

A unique position that bears heavily upon the country's economy can always be found within its industrial sector — both satisfying domestic needs

Like foodstuffs or clothing fibers yet being instrumental at times when wanting products made outside one’s borders delivered right here readymade.  

Advantages of the location of industrial facilities on the territory of Ukraine:

  • rich raw material base;
  • advantageous location of the country for import and export;
  • availability of a base for almost every branch of the industry.

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