Ukrainian textile industry for Georgia investors
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The textile industry has been one of the most stable industries in Ukraine, contributing significantly to its economic growth. The country is rich with natural resources that can be used for production but require international investment if they work effectivelн

Especially when it comes to downloading materials like linen or cotton, which need importing due mainly because there's no local source available without hurting our environment too much.
In addition, we have access to exports such as silk. However, this doesn't help us much since only 10%of all manufactured goods consumed here come from within borders.

What exciting areas of the textile industry in Ukraine you, as a representative of the Georgia business, may consider


  • Export of collection creation services to outsourcing;
  • Raw material strategy;
  • Private label;
  • B2B.
The second half of 2019 was designated as the pre-quarantine indicator for light industry products. In this time frame, $636 million worth of exports were made from Ukraine's textile industry, and it occupies 5% of our country’s total export value today (upwards)

Investing in these bonuses will provide Georgia citizens with raw material bases that are profitable to work with due to their well-trained workers who have experience working within this field locally. Ukraine offers favorable conditions when investing, thanks to its low tax rates.

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