Agrotechnical production

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Ukraine has turned into an agricultural powerhouse in recent years, with scientists and breeders at the forefront of innovations

Ukraine’s crop production is booming - now supplying farmers and world markets looking for high-quality produce. The technology sector includes tractors of all types. Tillage machinery such as plows or subsoilers that turn fields ready to plant seeds when they have been prepared by some other means before being worked over deeply enough, so plants will grow where conventional cultivation isn't possible because it's too hilly terrain (terraced). Pampering technologies that help ensure crops are healthy both during their growing stage and after harvest time: artificial fertilizers containing potash salts can improve soil quality if used correctly.

Ukraine has been at the forefront of agriculture for centuries

From cultivating wheat and barley, Ukrainians know how to farm well, enough that they are one out four people on Earth who live in poverty! As an agricultural country with scientists deeply involved in their research sector — and farmers using new technology every day, Ukraine is making strides towards increasing crop yields while decreasing our carbon footprint at the same time.

Tractors, combine harvesters/tillage machinery; sowing technology. Fertilization equipment field processing — all essential parts needed when it comes down to doing business as usual

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