Ukrainian textile industry for Indian investors
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Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe that produces textiles

The sector has been growing recently, but this does not mean it will be easy to run your textile enterprise because most private businesses contribute towards its development rather than state-owned ones like those found here. It mainly operates on raw material imports (linen and cotton), with some exports coming from silk or fur products, which are natural resources we have plenty of already. In contrast, other fibers must come from abroad, such as synthetic or artificial types, which cost more per unit weight due essentially their labor-intensive production process.s

The textile industry is a branch of the light industry. It's not easy to run, but it still contributes significantly to its development, and Ukraine works hard on raw materials like linen or cotton. At the same time, it was importing things such as silk from abroad in hopes that this could increase exports by $636 million last time before quarantine (the second half only).

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What exciting areas of the textile industry in Ukraine you may consider:

  • Export of collection creation services to outsourcing;
  • Raw material strategy;
  • Private label;
  • B2B.

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