Investing in the Japanese aviation business in Ukraine
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Ukraine is a country of excellent engineering

Talented engineers have been working and are still creating here, using Antonov aircraft company which has become world-renowned for their unique airplane designs such as Ruslan and Mriia, whose creation was helped along by design bureau situated right at home in Kyiv!

There are also five other notable ones, including rocket & space giant Yuzhnoye, where they've developed some pretty incredible military hardware, too. It really should make you proud when thinking about what these clever folks can do with so much talent on display.

Ukraine is a country where you can find eight aerospace factories that produce planes, rockets, and spare parts

These items are exported to NASA or NATO for space exploration missions. But sometimes, they're also used in other areas like defense industries.
Ukraine has been investing heavily to build its domestic production engine because it's recognized internationally how vital this industry is.

It comes down to deciding which nations will become influential technological players over time — not just among themselves but also against others across the globe!

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