Investing in the agricultural sector of Ukraine for Japanese citizens
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Ukraine is a farming country, yet its full potential as an agricultural superpower has not been fully explored

The total area of black soil in Ukraine can be compared with Great Britain. It contains 33% of all world reserves for this type of farmland! More than 60 million hectares are under cultivation on chernozem or more than half the nation’s entire arable surface.

Where can a foreigner invest in the agricultural sector of Ukraine?
  • sowing and sale of crops (grain, fruits, vegetables);
  • export of products all over the world. Location in the center of Europe contributes to profitable logistics;
  • vineyards, wine production;
  • cultivation of medicinal and rare crops, processing into essential oils and mixtures;
  • expansion of the reclamation structure for better irrigation.

In Ukraine, many factors contribute to the development of their agricultural sector. For example, plant care with drones can be watering and spraying pesticides or soil composition research. A machine does harvesting, whereas new drip irrigation methods have been introduced. It leads us to talk about organic fertilizers because cattle breeding has always played an important role.


Ukrainian soil is a constant phenomenon. It will always be here, bringing us life and a rich harvest as long we take care of it properly

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