Alternative energy 

Participation of Japanese business in the green energy market of Ukraine  
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Ukraine has made great strides in the area of alternative energy

The Ukrainian government has ensured the environment remains healthy by implementing various policies that promote green energy.

Some examples include: offering to fund research and development of new alternate sources; offering special "green tariffs" on electricity bills to use environmentally friendly methods, such as those produced from solar or wind power resources instead of traditional fossil fuels.

The goal is to create jobs and safeguard our planet's future through sustainable practices.


In addition to funding for clean technology development by governments throughout Europe (including Ukraine), various programs are explicitly designed around renewable resources like wind or hydropower. When used appropriately, these provide incentives through tax credits — all set against an environmentally friendly backdrop created by nature itself so we can enjoy our time here even more thoroughly than before.

On October 28 at an environmental summit in Glasgow, Ukraine pledged not to use coal until 2030! This decision was well within reason considering their country's already active commitment toward green strategies
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