Opportunities for investing Japanese business in outsourcing and IT in Ukraine

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Ukrainian IT sphere is developing thanks to
  • Talented and educated young Ukrainians;
  • solid technical expertise;
  • high English proficiency level (70% speak English at an upper-intermediate level);
  • knowledge of emerging disciplines (Go, AI, big data, blockchain, etc.);
  • Increasing the interest of foreign investors in the business of Ukraine in any area
  • Freedom to do business.


In 2019, there were almost one and a half million programmers in Ukraine

And about 200 thousand of them worked for outsourcing companies that are included on top global rankings by quality; 20 out of Ukraine's has been named number 1 offshore company according to German firm DAXX's.

A recent study indicates how much the country benefits from developing its talent regarding tech jobs. 38% percent of exports are generated through providing information technology services internationally while at the same time contributing $5 billion yearly towards national GDP — ranking second-highest among Central European economies!

Ukraine is a hotbed for startups, and it wants the world to know. The country took 34th place in Global Startup Ecosystem Index 2021 with $571 million external financings last year alone — more than any other European nation!

It also has special tax regimes that benefit foreign investors who come into this market and Ukrainians looking to get involved early on before their home economy becomes oversaturated like China's was back when they first started investing heavily years ago (a cautionary tale).

For example, OBSE created cybersecurity training videos tailored explicitly to Ukrainian speakers, which helped raise awareness about online threats faced by locals while boosting confidence through practical skills development programs.

If you have a strong idea and want to implement it in Ukraine, let's act together! We know how to start a business and make it profitable!
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