Ukrainian textile industry for Japanese investors
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The textile industry is an ancient sector of the Ukrainian economy that remains important today

In a country rich with natural resources and abundant sunshine, textiles provide one way for entrepreneurs to turn their raw materials into something tangible through manufacturing. And they also play well internationally because many countries produce cotton goods like clothing or carpets and synthetic fibers. Such export-oriented manufacturers whose products serve foreigners better than local markets would have cheaper labor costs.

In recent years (last quarantine indicator), there has been significant growth within light industrial exports valued at $636 million.

Ukraine is not only known for its glorious history and diverse culture

The country also has a booming textile industry that will make any investor happy! Investing in this sector can reap high profits: numerous raw materials, good logistics (from transportation costs), well-trained workers who have experience working on different projects, and even international recognition from sewing wedding dresses sold worldwide.

Eastern Ukraine produces industrial goods like car covers while the central factory processes old textiles into new ones every year thanks to increasing foreign investments every month. Investment opportunities abound, with quality products becoming more popular each day.

What exciting areas of the textile industry in Ukraine you, as a representative of Japanese business, may consider

Export collection creation services to outsourcing, raw material strategy, private label and B2B.

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