Alternative energy 

  Participation of Mexico business in the green energy market in Ukraine
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A healthy environment is crucial for our well-being and that of future generations. The rapid industrialization needed to sustain everyday life has made finding alternative energy sources necessary, and they're turning out some significant innovations like solar power

In its greenway Ukraine took the following measures:

  • government funding for the development of alternative energy sources;
  • special “green tariffs” for the use of environmentally friendly energy production methods;
  • government support for programs and businesses aimed at introducing alternative energy sources.

In 2021, Ukraine became the first country in Europe to extend its commitment beyond 2020 when it signed a deal with the European Union. And on October 28th, at this year's environmental summit in Glasgow just two months ago,-Ukraine pledged that by 2030 they would no longer use coal either! This sounds like an excellent move for positive changes both environmentally and economically speaking.

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