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Building a reliable business in Ukraine for investors from Mexico

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Investing in Ukraine has become more and more popular since a developing country provides higher risk with tremendous rewards

Today, over 2 thousand companies provide outsourcing services to businesses from all around the world, making this an attractive place for investors who want something different than their traditional investments but still high-risk/high reward ventures like cannabis legalization or mining precious metals abroad. Certain risks are associated, such as an economic crisis that can come out of nowhere, causing significant drops in currency values (in both legal marijuana markets).

GT Invest will help you implement your business. With us, you will receive
  • market research and analysis;
  • your business development strategy;
  • implementation of a business plan;
  • legal, accounting support;
  • Search for premises and employees;
  • round-the-clock support and running your business until the stage of receiving the first product.


Ensure you're doing your research before investing in any company or country. Investing is an important decision, so make it wisely

Consider each investment option’s long-term benefits and risks: agribusinesses offer stability with growth potential. Industries provide diversity depending on what industry they are part of (e.g., pharmaceuticals).

There's no one correct answer here. Find out as much information possible about how different businesses work under that specific business structure, then choose something suitable for yourself because this could be at least partially determined by whether Mexico investors want their investments to have more short term returns versus something calmer like green energy projects which might not show immediate results but still yield steady income over time.

If you have a strong idea and want to implement it in Ukraine, let's act together! We know how to start a business and make it profitable!
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