Ukrainian textile industry for Mexico investors
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The textile industry is a branch of the light-manufacturing sector

However, it does not mean that running this business will be easy. Most textiles companies are private but still contribute to its development somehow or another, which means Ukraine has much work ahead for them when it comes down to exporting these products.

Bonuses for Mexico citizens from investing in the textile industry of Ukraine
  • Raw material base;
  • Profitable logistics;
  • Well-trained workers in this field.

In 2019 so far (the last pre-quarantine indicator), output from our country’s production stood at around $636 million, and 5% percent was designated specifically towards exports while interest rates among businesses were also looking up as they continue with plans on how best take advantage during times like these until 2020 rolls around again next year.

To implement your business idea in the Ukrainian industry, you, as a foreigner, will need a guide to Ukrainian business

GT Invest is your guide to trade, law, and investment in Ukraine. We will help you expand your business in our country and implement each of your plans.

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