Turnkey business in Ukraine

Investments in a ready-made business in Ukraine for investors from Mexico


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Ukraine is a country with vast natural resources and an emerging market

The opportunities for investors are limitless in this developing region, but they should be aware of the risks before investing their money into it as well.

There's no shortage of promise when you're talking about Ukraine. There always seems to be something new popping up on every side! Whether your interest lies within agriculture (company stocks), industry & energy, or even aviation-you'll find plenty here that will satisfy any appetite.

What stages are the stages of investing in a turnkey business you are facing with GT Invest:
  • Market research and analysis;
  • Investigation of the credit history of the company;
  • Assets valuation;
  • Balance analysis;
  • Search for any company commitments;
  • Purchase of an enterprise;
  • Company registration;
  • Legal and accounting support;
  • Recruiting and hiring personnel;
  • Individual software development for your business.


This is a great way to avoid being mistaken for indirect investments. To do so, we advise you to involve an external Ukrainian expert such as GT Invest and our team.

If you have a strong idea and want to implement it in Ukraine, let's act together! We know how to start a business and make it profitable!
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